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Moody Blues is one of classic Rock’s most enduring institutions, ’COLLECTED’ is a careful selection of their distinctive sound of the band, presenting the different periods the band has gone through. A solid selection of songs, including ‘Go Now’, ‘Nights In White Satin’, ‘Never Comes The Day’, ‘Gypsy’, ‘I Never Thought I’d Live To Be A Hundred’, ‘I’m Just A Singer (In A Rock ‘N Roll Band)’ and many more.

Music On Vinyl proudly presents a brand new series of COLLECTED albums. The new albums will focus on memorable artists with almost a life span of original intriguing music, covering a timeless musical period!

– 1 –
1. Go Now
2. Boulevard De La Madeleine
3. Nights In White Satin
4. Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)
5. Voices In the Sky
6. Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
7. Ride My See-Saw
8. Legend of a Mind
9. Never Comes the Day
10. Dear Diary
11. Gypsy (of a Strange and Distant Time)
12. Watching and Waiting
13. I Never Thought I’d Live To Be a Hundred

– 2 –
1. Candle of Life
2. Melancholy Man
3. Question
4. The Story In Your Eyes
5. Isn’t Life Strange
6. I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock ‘N Roll Band)
7. Emily’s Song
8. King and Queen
9. Had To Fall In Love
10. Driftwood
11. The Voice