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Limited edition 180 gram vinyl LP pressing housed in a gatefold sleeve. Bobby Darin «hit» with greater impact and faster public acceptance than any young performer in the history of show business. He also opened up the door to strictly adult entertainment mediums for other young performers to walk through: he was the first young singer to headline the country’s top nightclubs, such as Las Vegas’ Sands and Flamingo, New York’s Copacabana; he was the first young performer to present his own television Spectacular, aimed primarily at an adult audience; and he was the first young singer to bridge the single record and album gap between the teenage and adult buying public, selling with equal popularity to both groups. That versatility is on full display on his 1961 ‘Best Of’ compilation album The Bobby Darin Story: Greatest Hits which wonderfully showcases the legendary artist’s early success. Filled with a treasure trove of classics, the 12-track affair absolutely cooks with definitive Darin performances of «Mack The Knife,» «Splish Splash,» «Early In The Morning,» «Queen Of The Hop,» «Dream Lover,» «Beyond The Sea,» «Artificial Flowers» and «Lazy River» among others.