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Really impressed with the sound rhino was able to pull out for this reissue. The music is full, bold, dynamic and lively. The mono sound really is impressive, great bottom end, mids and highs are well balanced. Vocal harmonies sound textured and soft and blend well and do not overwhelm. Very pleased with this release. No pressing flaws, flat, and very quiet.

Lista de Títulos

A1 Wasn’t It A Bit Like Now (Parallel ’23) 3:29
A2 On A Quiet Night 3:19
A3 We Love Us 2:23
A4 When Love Comes To Me 2:43
A5 Windy 2:49
A6 Reputation 2:36
B1 Never My Love 3:07
B2 Happiness Is 2:11
B3 Sometime 2:35
B4 Wantin’ Ain’t Gettin’ 2:15
B5 Requiem For The Masses 4:06