VARIOS – Stereo Hörtest CD Vol. 5 INAKUSTIK



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Incredible collection of songs for testing out your stereo and speakers.

Enjoy music – test the sound! STEREO, the magazine for hi-fi, high end and music, presents 16 more of the editors’ favorite tracks on this CD. Volume V once again introduces you to a fascinating world of music while allowing you to test your system at the same time. Each track places different demands on the loudspeakers and electronics. All production processes are executed with the utmost care to provide you with maximum musical enjoyment. All the tracks compiled on the STEREO audio test CD V were carefully mastered Stockfisch in Germany. Artists include Al Di Meola, Friedemann, Junior Brown and more.

Track Listing

– Dimitri Kabalevsky – Ouvertüre aus Colas Breugnon
– Sara K. – Curtain Calls
– Blues Company – Dark Days
– Friedemann – Afro Dite
– Christy Baron – Overjoyed
– The David Hazeltine Trio – The Girl From Ipanema
– Junior Brown – Little Rivi-Airhead
– Al Di Meola – Adios Nonino
– Bonnie Koloc – Keep It To Yourself
– Mario Suzuki – Edifico de Sueno
– Cara – Poisoned Peas
– Friend ‘n Fellow – Tomorrow
– The Bassface Swing Trio – Strike Up The Band
– Miller Anderson – Rich Man, Poor Man
– Valerie Joyce – Baby Can I Hold You
– Orchester der Vereinigten Bühnen Wien – Mozart!