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No-Man’s fifth album TOGETHER WE’RE STRANGER undoubtedly comprises the band’s most ambitious and personal project in it’s history. Originally released in 2003, TOGETHER WE’RE STRANGER saw No-Man (the duo of Tim Bowness and Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson) further extending the reach of it’s panoramic soundscapes and cracked, mournful, ballads. Boasting impressive performances from Ben Castle (clarinets), Roger Eno (harmonium) and Gramophone’s David Picking (percussion, trumpet), amongst others, the album is a powerful and emotionally direct statement that has deservedly garnered cult acclaim and led to a growing fan base and internet presence for the band. This 2014 sleevepac version has been remastered by Steven Wilson and includes 2 bonus tracks with the included booklet features sleeve notes from Mojo Magazine’s Johnny Black.


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