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BACK TO EARTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, REMASTERED TO STUNNING EFFECT AT ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS. In 1978, after having sold millions of records and become one of the biggest international artists of the 1970s, Cat Stevens decided to step out of the rock star spotlight and walk away. That year, he was to release his final album under that name. The appropriately-titled Back To Earth was his parting gift: an album that saw the London-born singer saying farewell to his fans, while obliquely explaining his decision to quit in songs such as ‘Last Love Song’ and ‘Just Another Night’. «What’s going on behind the appearance of stardom or the stage itself can be a completely different world,» he says now, «and that’s what it was a lot of the time. I kept my sanity and I kept my eyes open.» Back To Earth was indeed a remarkable return to form, reuniting Stevens with Paul Samwell-Smith, the producer of his landmark, multi-platinum albums Tea For The Tillerman (1970) and Teaser And The Firecat (1971), as well as continuing his creative partnership with long-time guitarist Alun Davies.

  • 1 Just Another Night (2018 – Remaster)
  • 2 Daytime (2018 – Remaster)
  • 3 Bad Brakes (2018 – Remaster)
  • 4 Randy (2018 – Remaster)
  • 5 The Artist (2018 – Remaster)
  • 6 Last Love Song (2018 – Remaster)
  • 7 Nascimento (2018 – Remaster)
  • 8 Father (2018 – Remaster)
  • 9 New York Times (2018 – Remaster)
  • 10 Never (2018 – Remaster)