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Hand. Cannot. Erase. Is the highly anticipated fourth studio album from Steven Wilson – four-time Grammy nominee and founder member of cult legends, Porcupine Tree. The album follows the critical and commercial success of 2013’s The Raven That Refused To Sing (Germany #3, UK# 28) and an international run of sold-out shows, including London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Joined by Guthrie Govan (guitar), Adam Holzman (keyboards), Nick Beggs (bass), and Marco Minneman (drums) – all part of the world-class band that graced The Raven and the 2013/2014 world tours – Wilson recorded Hand. Cannot. Erase. #at the renowned Air Studios in London.

Lista de Títulos

Hand. Cannot. Erase. (DTS 5.1 Master Audio, 96/24 5.1 LPCM, 96/24 Stereo LPCM)
BRD1 First Regret

Guitar – Guthrie GovanPiano, Celesta, Organ [Hammond B3] – Adam HolzmanProgrammed By, Effects, Mellotron [M4000], Bass Guitar, Keyboards – SW*

BRD2 3 Years Older

Backing Vocals – Nick BeggsDrums – Marco MinnemannGuitar – Dave GregoryGuthrie GovanPiano, Organ [Hammond B3] – Adam HolzmanVocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Mellotron [M4000], Programmed By – SW*

BRD3 Hand Cannot Erase

Backing Vocals – Ninet TayebBass Guitar – Nick BeggsDrums – Marco MinnemannPiano, Celesta, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Organ [Hammond B3] – Adam HolzmanTwelve-String Guitar [Rickenbacker] – Dave GregoryVocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mellotron [M4000], Shaker, Programmed By – SW*

BRD4 Perfect Life

Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals – Nick BeggsDrums – Marco MinnemannElectric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Adam HolzmanEngineer [Voice] – Charlie DoddVocals, Software Instrument [Ghostwriter VI], Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Mellotron [M4000], Programmed By – SW*Voice – Katherine Begley

BRD5 Routine

Arranged By [Boy’s Choir] – Dave StewartSW*Backing Vocals – Nick BeggsBass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Software Instrument [Ghostwriter VI], Mellotron [M4000], Programmed By, Effects, Shaker – SW*Choir, Performer – The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School Choir*Drums – Marco MinnemannGuitar, Lead Guitar – Guthrie GovanPiano, Organ [Hammond B3], Celesta – Adam HolzmanSolo Vocal [Chorister] – Leo BlairVocals – Ninet TayebSW*

BRD6 Home Invasion

Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals – Nick BeggsDrums – Marco MinnemannElectric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Piano, Organ [Hammond B3] – Adam HolzmanGuitar – Guthrie GovanVocals, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Mellotron [M4000], Software Instrument [Ghostwriter VI], Shaker, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – SW*

BRD7 Regret #9

Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Voice, Keyboards, Mellotron [M4000], Banjo – SW*Drums – Marco MinnemannGuitar, Soloist – Guthrie GovanSynthesizer [Moog Solo], Piano, Organ [Hammond B3], Electric Piano [Wurlitzer Piano] – Adam Holzman

BRD8 Transience

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Mellotron [M4000] – SW*

BRD9 Ancestral

Arranged By [Strings] – Dave StewartSW*Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals – Nick BeggsDrums – Marco MinnemannDulcimer [Hammered], Keyboards, Mellotron [M4000], Guitar, Programmed By – SW*Flute, Baritone Saxophone – Theo TravisGuitar, Soloist [Guitar Solo] – Guthrie GovanPiano, Organ [Hammond B3], Celesta, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Adam HolzmanStrings, Performer – The London Session OrchestraTranscription By [Strings] – Dave StewartVocals – Ninet TayebSW*

BRD10 Happy Returns

Arranged By [Boy’s Choir] – Dave StewartArranged By [Strings] – Dave StewartSW*Chapman Stick, Backing Vocals – Nick BeggsChoir, Performer – The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School Choir*Drums – Chad WackermanEngineer [Drums] – Brendan DekoraGuitar [Additional] – Dave GregoryGuitar, Soloist [Guitar Solo 2] – Guthrie GovanPiano, Organ [Hammond B3] – Adam HolzmanStrings, Performer – The London Session OrchestraVocals, Acoustic Guitar, Soloist [Guitar Solo 1], Mellotron [M4000], Programmed By, Effects – SW*

BRD11 Ascendant Here On…

Arranged By [Boy’s Choir] – SW*Choir, Performer – The Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School Choir*Piano – Adam HolzmanSoftware Instrument [Ghostwriter VI], Effects – SW*

Instrumentals (96/24 Stereo LPCM)
BRD12 First Regret (Instrumental) 2:01
BRD13 3 Years Older (Instrumental) 10:16
BRD14 Hand Cannot Erase (Instrumental) 4:18
BRD15 Perfect Life (Instrumental) 4:45
BRD16 Routine (Instrumental) 9:00
BRD17 Home Invasion (Instrumental) 6:24
BRD18 Regret #9 (Instrumental) 4:55
BRD19 Transience (Instrumental) 2:55
BRD20 Ancestral (Instrumental) 13:33
BRD21 Happy Returns (Instrumental) 6:00
BRD22 Ascendant Here On… (Instrumental) 1:54
Versions (96/24 Stereo LPCM)
BRD23 First Regret (Minimal Version) 2:04
BRD24 Hand Cannot Erase (Radio Edit) 3:28
BRD25 Perfect Life (Grand Union Mix) 7:45
BRD26 Routine (Ninet Solo Vocal Version) 8:58
BRD27 Regret #9 (Alternate Take) 4:18
BRD28 Happy Returns (Radio Edit) 3:54
BRD29 Studio Documentary

Film Director, Film Editor – Lasse Hoile

BRD30 Photo Gallery
Bonus Track (96/24 Stereo LPCM)
BRD31 Piano Themes From Hand Cannot Erase 2:21
CD1 First Regret 2:01
CD2 3 Years Older 10:18
CD3 Hand Cannot Erase 4:13
CD4 Perfect Life 4:43
CD5 Routine 8:58
CD6 Home Invasion 6:24
CD7 Regret #9 5:00
CD8 Transience 2:43
CD9 Ancestral 13:30
CD10 Happy Returns 6:00
CD11 Ascendant Here On… 1:54