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Limited Edition CD + Blu-ray audio pressing. The latter features a 5.1 and Hi-Res Stereo Mix of all album tracks along with a video featurette ‘Somewhere int he Darkest Teddington – The Recording of the Night Siren’. 2017 release, the 25th studio album from guitarist Steve Hackett, best known for his work with Genesis. The album features numerous artists and instruments from a variety of countries, including vocalists Kobi Farhi and Mīrā ‘Awaḍ, from Israel and Palestine respectively, and a sitar from India, a tar from the Middle East, the charango from Peru, which Hackett brought home after visiting the country, and the uilleann pipes from Ireland. Parts of the album were recorded in Sardinia and Hungary, and involved a session of musicians from Iceland, Azerbaijan, Israel and Palestine working side by side, «proving that it is possible for people not to just coexist in peace but also do something extraordinary artistically together».

– Disc 1 –

  • 1 Behind the Smoke
  • 2 Martian Sea
  • 3 Fifty Miles from the North Pole
  • 4 El Nino
  • 5 Other Side of the Wall
  • 6 Anything But Love
  • 7 Inca Terra
  • 8 In Another Life
  • 9 In the Skeleton Gallery
  • 10 West to East
  • 11 The Gift

– Disc 2 –

  • 1 Blu-ray Audio/5.1 and Hi-Res Stereo Mix of All Album Tracks
  • 2 ‘Somewhere in the Darkest Teddington – the Recording of the Night Siren’