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DS6VC Dual Source Volume Control

This unit is designed to be a speaker selector / volume control combination, allowing you to individually control the volume and power on multiple pairs of speakers without requiring multiple amplifiers.

• Modified Single Source Speaker Selector
• Connect up to 6 pairs of speakers to a stereo system with a A(on)/B(off) Switch
• Automatic Poly Switches (a solid state circuit breakers to protect the unit from an overload)
• Overload protection built-in: Poly Switches turn off unit when overload is detected
• Once user removes overload or reduces volume, the unit resets within a short time
• Impedance protection lets one amplifier safely power several pairs of speakers
• Individual speaker volume controls for each output
• No power source required
• Supports amplifiers up to 300W
• Left and right commons are isolated to work with all types of amplifiers