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Violinist and conductor Salvatore Accardo leads the Orchestra da Camera Italiana for this recording of The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

«Vivaldi’s Four Seasons are amongst his most innovative and extraordinary compositions. Today’s public knows the work but the «Red Priest’s» contemporaries were immediately captivated by it as well. The originality of these Concertos is that much more surprising because they dutifully follow the usual pattern: division into three movements of Fast – Slow – Fast with alternating “tuttis” and “solos” as Giuseppe Torelli used…»

«As well known as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons are, so little (wrongfully) are the two Vivaldi compositions that open this disc, played. These are the Concerto in D minor for two violins RV 514, particularly dear to David Oistrakh and Isaac Stern, and the Concerto in B flat for violin and cello RV 547.

«In the Concerto RV 514, the Allegro non molto starts energetically. Also evident is a contrapuntal severity in the ‘old style’ that appears like a tightly bound Duet where the soloists adhere to a relentless virtuosity, initial counterpoint and flowing characteristic progressions. In the middle there is respite in a lyrical Adagio ‘multiplied in two’ seeming like a pathetic submission and imitating the strings’ ‘tutti’, which reminds us of a Cantata by Alessandro Scarlatti It is at this actual spot that the soloists retire after having voiced their eloquence. A joyous and intriguing ’tutti’ provides division and ritornello to the Allegro molto where the brilliance of the two violins interweaves with great contrasts of expression. The Concerto RV 547 exalts the characters of the violin and cello with a dialogue alternating between being animated to serene and it always involves the listener. In the Allegro moderato the opening ‘tutti’ displays neat unisons, wide curves and predictable progressions. The whole work is carried out in a grand manner by the two instruments just as in a solo concerto. The Andante is a duet, brief but full of pathos, sustained with lightness by the basso continuo while the strings are silent. The Allegro molto is excitedly motive and vigorous in the ‘tuttis’ and ‘solos’ with brilliant tremolos and polished alternating of the instruments.» From liner notes by Alberto Cantù – English translation: Desiree Bonfiglio

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Laura Manzini, cembalo
Orchestra da Camera Italiana
Salvatore Accardo, conductor, violin

Antonio Vivaldi Le Quattro Stagioni (1678-1741)
Concerto in Mi Maggiore “La Primavera”

1. Allegro
2. Largo
3. Allegro

Concerto in sol minore “L’Estate”
4. Allegro non molto – Allegro
5. Adagio
6. Presto

Concerto in Fa Maggiore “L’Autunno”
7. Allegro
8. Adagio molto
9. Allegro

Concerto in Fa minore “L’Inverno”
10. Allegro non molto
11. Largo
12. Allegro

Concerto in re min. per due violini, archi e continuo F I n° 100
13. Allegro non molto
14. Adagio
15. Allegro molto

Concerto in Si bem. Magg. per violino, violoncello, archi e continuo F IV n° 2
16. Allegro moderato
17. Andante
18. Allegro molto

Recorded May 30-31, 2009 at Lodi, Auditorium Banca Popolare di Lodi.
Recorded by Giulio Cesare Ricci