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Director Sean Penn hand-picked Vedder to provide the music for his film Into The Wild. Previously, Vedder had contributed two songs to the soundtrack for the 1995 film Dead Man Walking and a cover of The Beatles’ «You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away» to the soundtrack for the 2001 film, I Am Sam, both of which starred Penn.

The original pressing was released in 2007 in a very limited circulation, making it very much wanted among Pearl Jam fans. Music On Vinyl offers these fans the opportunity to obtain this album. It’s presented in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with artwork by Anton Corbijn and an additional 28 page booklet with lyrics, and exclusive liner notes by director Sean Penn.
180 gram audiophile vinyl
Gatefold sleeve
28-page booklet

Side A
1. Setting Forth
2. No Ceiling
3. Far Behind
4. Rise
5. Long Nights
6. Tuolumne
7. Guaranteed (Humming Vocal)
Side B
1. Hard Sun
2. Society
3. The Wolf
4. End Of The Road
5. Guaranteed