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Lista de Títulos

A1 Trenchtown Rock
A2 Kaya
A3 It’s All Right
A4 Rebel Hop
A5 African Herbsman
A6 Cheer Up
A7 Soul Rebel
A8 Natural Mystic
B1 Lively Up Yourself
B2 Do It Twice
B3 Keep On Moving
B4 Small Axe
B5 Sun Is Shining
B6 Fussin’ & Fightin’
B7 Chances Are
B8 My Cup
C1 Soul Shake Down Party
C2 How Many Times
C3 400 Years
C4 You Can’t Do That To Me
C5 Don’t Rock My Boat
C6 Hammer
C7 All In One
C8 Brain Washing
D1 Duppy Conqueror
D2 Stop The Train
D3 Caution
D4 Treat You Right
D5 Rainbow Country Club
D6 Soul Captives
D7 Try Me
D8 Go Tell It On The Mountain