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Deluxe 28-page unique menu-designed oversized 5.5″ x 6.75″ booklet containing full lyrics, exclusive photos and excerpts from Sara’s personal Waitress journal plus two drink coasters, a postcard and a guest check from Joe’s Diner. 2015 release, the fifth album from the singer, songwriter and best-selling author. The follow-up to 2013’s The Blessed Unrest includes songs from Waitress, the new musical for which Bareilles wrote music and lyrics. «I fell more deeply in love with the writing of the musical Waitress than I had ever imagined,» says Bareilles. «It proved impossible for me to imagine handing over the songs to the show before selfishly finding a way to sing them myself. This is a deliciously self-indulgent project and I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.» Includes the first single ‘She Used to Be Mine.’


What’s Inside 1:16
Opening Up 3:19
Door Number Three 2:55
When He Sees Me 3:51
Soft Place to Land 2:58
Never Ever Getting Rid of Me 2:26
I Didn’t Plan It 3:25
Bad Idea Sara Bareilles Feat. Jason Mraz 3:26
You Matter to Me Sara Bareilles Feat. Jason Mraz 4:11
She Used to Be Mine 4:10
Everything Changes 3:39
Lulu’s Pie Song 1:12