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Featuring Stanley Black conducting the London Festival Orchestra, this XRCD24 release contains many favorite film compositions performed with breathtaking sound, stunning dynamics and soundstage. Re-mastered from the true original master tapes this Audiophile Favorite was originally released by the impressive Decca Label in London. Includes these famous Oscar winning film scores: ‘My Fair Lady,’ ‘Spellbound,’ ‘Gone With The Wind’ and others. Re-released on XRCD24 by the exceptional work of JVC, this title is an expression of the quality of sound that can be created on the regular CD format.

Great film music is fascinating. Whether you love popular music, classical arrangements, or have your own unique listening genre, the combination of film and music has a wide appeal. Certain film music is so captivating that it lingers on in the heart for a long, long time. This certainly applies to me. Some forty-three years ago, I bought the original LP (in fact, the only version) of this album. As a young ‘music lover’ (at that time, there was no such term as ‘audiophile’), I was enthusiastic about the music and the sound. I admired the orchestration and the interpretation of the conductor, Stanley Black; the engineering artistry of Arthur Lily; and the gorgeous sound of Kingsway Hall. –Winston Ma, First Impression Music

Brown’s band mixes Chinese and jazz instruments with a raw, Charles Mingus-like energy. –Paul de Barros, Seattle Times, September 21, 2004

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Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Prelude to The Legacy Codes
2. Bread & Bowie [For Lester]
3. Self Portrait in Three Colors
4. Exposition
5. Rumba/Recap
6. Gagaku
7. Scherzando
8. Andantino/Adagio
9. Taiko Trane/Finale
10. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
11. Tang
12. Come Sunday
13. Anthem/Baile de Orisha
14. Rhymes (For Children)

Formato: XRCD24
Código: 4892843001056