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Editorial Reviews
(SACD-HYBRID) Groove Note releases its first audiophile ‘Best Of’ collection. The album highlights include: The intimate, delicate, sweet and tender voice of Jacintha; Roy Gaines, the greatest living blues guitarist that you probably don’t know anything about – a sizzling blues guitarist with one of the most magnificent blues voices around; Eden Atwood, who has a voice that is many things – seductive, plaintive, sensitive, gifted with perfect intonation and phrasing; currently touring as the guitarist for Diana Krall, Anthony Wilson is one of the most brilliant musicians working in the US jazz scene today; Bill Cunliffe is a leading West Coast jazz pianist with several albums to his credit; with a sensual and seductive voice right out of the ’40s or ’50s, Luqman Hamza (pronounced Luke-mahn Hahm-za) is a real discovery; and rounding out this already impressive list, tenor saxophonist extraordinaire Bennie Wallace!

This collection features 14 total tracks! 7 are presented in Stereo SACD Sound and 7 are presented in both Stereo & Multi-Channel SACD Sound! The Hybrid SACD disc allows the disc to play back on all standard CD players.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – Jacintha (stereo & multichannel mixes)
2. Stormy Monday – Roy Gaines
3. Meditation – Eden Atwood (stereo & multichannel mixes)
4. She’s So Heavy – Anthony Wilson
5. Light My Fire – Jacintha (stereo & multichannel mixes)
6. Deep Purple – Eden Atwood (stereo & multichannel mixes)
7. Imagine – Bill Cunliffe
8. April In Paris – Bennie Wallace
9. O Ganso – Jacintha (stereo & multichannel mixes)
10. Something Cool – Jacintha (stereo & multichannel mixes)
11. Fleur D’Ennui – Anthony Wilson
12. Blame It On My Youth – Eden Atwood (stereo & multichannel mixes)
13. Just One Of Those Things – Luqman Hamza
14. Danny Boy – Jacintha