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Audiophile Quality Hybrid SACD!
First-Rate Sonics & Exceptional Arrangements of Classic Led Zeppelin tunes!
Don’t you wish all rock albums sounded this good!!!

Vanessa Fernandez covers Led Zeppelin tunes but in “unplugged” acoustic arrangements.

«Much of the album… is acoustic, but songs like «Kashmir» with Jim Keltner on drums, rocks out big time. These are fresh arrangements by guitarist Tim Pierce whose playing credits include session work with Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Johnny Van Zant, Meat Loaf, Patty Smith, Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson, Joan Armatrading, Madonna, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Roger Waters, Eric Clapton, The Doobie Brothers, Elton John, Alice Cooper and others. The instrumental performances add new luster to the old chestnuts. Old fans will enjoy the new musical environment and some non-Led Zep fans will be won over.»

«Most importantly, Ms. Fernandez, a long time Led Zep fan, has the vocal chops and the sensibility to wrap her cords tightly around the lyrics and wring new meaning from them. From what I got to hear later on a lacquer, the performances and the sonics will drop your jaws and maybe even your pants!» – Michael Fremer,

Brilliant rhythm guitar and solos from arranger-guitarist Tim Pierce including an extended electric guitar solo on the rock version of «Whole Lotta Love» as well as killer vintage slide work on «When The Levee Breaks;» awesome drumming and majestic kick drum work from Jim Keltner on «Kashmir,» «Babe» and «Immigrant Song;» driving electric bass lines from Chris Chaney on many of the tracks; memorable B3 and Wurlitzer fills and runs from keyboardist Jim Cox; audacious violin solos and ?lls from Charlie Bisharat on «Kashmir» and «Immigrant Song;» and, last but in no way least, stirring percussion backing from the great Luis Conte on «When The Levee Breaks,» «Black Dog» and «Whole Lotta Love» (acoustic). And throughout every song the magnificent incomparable vocals of Vanessa. Yes – the album was recorded all analogue multi track but several of the vocal tracks are the complete original live track used without any overdubs or fixes. The vocal performance on «Babe I’m Gonna Leave You» is gonna leave some listeners breathless!!

Engineered by Michael C. Ross, mixing of the all analogue album, «When the Levee Breaks» by Vanessa Fernandez, was completed at United Recordings (formerly known as Oceanway Recordings). The mixing was done in the legendary studio A with it’s great sounding custom built mixing board.

All the above elements combined to create memorable and immensely satisfying versions of several well known Led Zeppelin songs and the results are in – an album of epic musical and spectacular sonic quality!!

«As with its predecessor, When the Levee Breaks is all analog; engineer Michael Ross recorded to 30ips 1/4″ tape. In every sonic sense, it is an extraordinary recording, with vast dynamic range along with inherent smoothness, weight and presence… On its face, When the Levee Breaks has some huge obstacles to overcome, especially among audiophiles who are familiar with great-sounding recordings of questionable music worth. Because of this, its achievement is even more impressive. It defies expectations in so many ways; you’ll want to play it for friends and family, in order to show off your system, and you’ll want to listen to it yourself when only some Zeppelin in vivid state-of-the-art sound will do.»– Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, 4/5 Music, 5/5 Sound!!!

• Super Audio CD
• SACD Stereo SACD Layer
• This Hybrid SACD contains a ‘Red Book’ Stereo CD Layer which is playable on most conventional CD Players!

Vanessa Fernandez, vocals
Tim Pierce, guitars
Jim Keltner, drums
Chris Chaney, bass
Jim Cox, keyboards
Charlie Bisharat, violin
Luis Conte, percussion

1. Immigrant Song
2. Black Dog
3. Kashmir
4. Trampled Underfoot
5. When the Levee Breaks (acoustic)
6. The Lemon Song
7. Whole Lotta Love
8. Ramble On
9. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
10. Immigrant Song