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UHQCD is a radical change to the CD manufacturing process itself. The conventional wisdom about CD manufacturing, which had remained largely unchanged across the world for over 30 years, has been exhaustively questioned. Through this effort, the ultimate in quality was attained – a level of quality that is certainly impossible to achieve with existing CD discs.

The Ultimate High Quality CD was developed through an effort to improve audio quality by simply upgrading the materials used in ordinary CDs to higher quality materials. For the substrate a high-transparency and high-fluidity polycarbonate (a type of plastic) of the type used for LCD panels was used, while for the reflective layer, low-cost, common aluminum was replaced with a unique and expensive alloy of high-reflectivity.

• Made in Japan
• Superior Crystal Sound
• Ultimate High Quality CD
• XRCD-Like Luxury Digipak
• Playable on conventional CD players

1. The Look of Love
2. Willow Weep for Me
3. And The Angels Sing
4. California Dreaming
5. O Ganso
6. A Man and A Woman
7. Manha de Carneval
8. Autumn Leaves
9. Once I Loved
10. Light My Fire
11. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
12. Windmills of Your Mind
13. Waters of March
14. Danny Boy