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This remarkable CD from in-akustik has been assembled with a love of musical detail. 16 tracks featuring Great Voices are forming a seamless and exceptional sound and listening experience. RESO Mastering, the new high definition mastering procedure, provides significant acoustic improvements in transparency, dynamics, bass reproduction and depth differentiation. The music is gaining more atmosphere and emotion. To best transmit this musical experience, an HQCD (HiQualityCD) is used as sound carrier. The use of a polycarbonate plastic with improved light transmission and a special alloy for the reflective layer HQCD achieves a high audio quality. HQCDs are fully compatible with all standard CD players.

•Naomi Sommers – Hypnotizing
•Greg Brown – Blue Car
•Lisa Doby – Hold On
•Jenni Muldaur – There Is Another Place That I Can’t Go
• – Clocks Friend ‘n Fellow
•Hank Shizzoe – Handmade Love
•Meg Hutchinson – I’d Like To Know
•Tracy Bonham – Big Red Heart
•Raya Yarbrough – Lord Knows I Would
•Jenee Halstead – Deep Dark See
•Eric Lindell – Mind Your Business
•Kendel Carson – Lady K
•Jeffrey Foucault – Wild Waste And Welter
•Tish Hinojosa – What Our Hearts Can’t Say
•Cliff Eberhardt – The Long Road
•Roxanne Potvin – Don’t Pay Attention