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Katatonia was formed in Sweden in 1991 by Anders Nystrem and Jonas Renkse. Their debut album, ‘Dance of December Souls’, was released in 1993, gaining the band recognition for their eclectic brand of gothic doom/death metal, joining acts such as Paradise Lot and My Dying Bride as one of the genres defining bands.
On future albums, a newer, sleeker Katatonia sound came to the fore, starting with a streamlined and structured collection of melodic dark rock songs that became third album ‘Discouraged Ones’. This was to be the main evolution point for modern day Katatonia, where the band stand at the pinnacle of the dark and progressive rock genre.
A continuation of 2009’s inspired and acclaimed ‘Night is the New Day’, as well as a leap forward into the unknown, ‘Dead End Kings’ sees the quintet conjure yet another milestone in audial melancholy and angst. Amongst their most poignant and ambitious material to date, ‘Dead End Kings’ was recorded at Ghost Ward Studios and The City Of Glass. Anders Nyström and Jonas Renkse took care of the album production themselves, while David Castillo, well known for his previous alliances with Katatonia, as well as Opeth and Bloodbath, was the man behind the album mix.
‘Dead End Kings’ sees the recording debut of guitarist Per Eriksson for the band, together with recently recruited bassist Niklas Sandin. Additionally, Frank Default joins once more on sampling and atmospherics duties, while there is a very special guest appearance by Norwegian vocalist Silje Wergeland of Dutch legends The Gathering/ex-Octavia Sperati.
The stunning artwork is supplied, once again, by long-time visual collaborator Travis Smith.

Jonas Renkse and Anders Nystrom (alongside guitarist Per Eriksson, bassist Niklas Sandin and drummer Daniel Liljekvist) are at the peak of their powers right now, and their brand new studio album Dead End Kings’ provides incontrovertible evidence of their unstoppable artistic momentum. A rich, adventurous and endlessly evocative masterwork that exhibits all the Swedish quintet’s established traits while absorbing countless fresh ideas into that monumental sonic brew, this is plainly the strongest and most beguiling album in the Katatonia catalogue to date. It also proves that sadness comes in many shades and that no one is safe from its cold allure. “Dead End Kings represents progression and taking things to the next level,” says Renkse. “The writing was a little more intense and spontaneous for this one. I think that’s the biggest difference. But it was made with the same mindset as the last few albums. It just had a little more fire involved. We don’t want to repeat ourselves. We are still hungry for new music.”


[ 1 ]

1.The Parting
2.The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here

[ 2 ]

1.The Racing Heart

[ 3 ]

2.Undo You

[ 4 ]

2.First Prayer
3.Dead Letters