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The Jefferson Airplane’s sixth album Volunteers was released in 1969, a mere two year since their monumental psychedelic hippie rock album Surrealistic Pillow [MOVLP034]. A politically charged album, Volunteers mainly dealt with the injustice of the Vietnam war.

Besides its lyrical content causing controversy, the album was ahead of its time on a technological level as well. At the time, Volunteers was one of the first albums to be recorded on a state-of-the-art sixteen track tape recorder, a picture of which can be seen on the backside of the album sleeve.

Musical collaborators include Stephen Stills and David Crosby. Volunteers is a crucial Jefferson record that ranks among the top albums of this seminal San Francisco psychedelic rock group.
180 gram audiophile vinyl
4 page insert

Side A
1. We Can Be Together
2. Good Shepherd
3. The Farm
4. Hey Fredrick

Side B
1. Turn My Life Down
2. Wooden Ships
3. Eskimo Blue Day
4. A Song For All Seasons
5. Meadowlands
6. Volunteers