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NTSC/Region 0. Two DVD set. Filmed October 11/12 2005 at Park West, Chicago on the Deadwing Tour, Arriving Somewhere captures the outstanding Porcupine Tree in glorious 5.1 and stereo. Over the past 20 years, Porcupine Tree have grown from a Steven Wilson Psychedelic experimental studio project to worldwide phenomenon. Their album Fear of a Blank Planet album continued the band’s rise and was awarded the prestigious Album of the Year award at the Classic Rock Awards. Total worldwide album sales for Porcupine Tree now exceed 600,000 units and increasing media coverage, word of mouth and fan-power continues to create interest on a massive scale throughout the world. Extras include: ‘Futile’, and ‘Radioactive Toy’ from German Rockpalast TV broadcast, ‘Lazarus’ promo clip, Lasse Hoile films for ‘Halo’, ‘The Start of Something Beautiful’, and ‘Mother And Child Divided’. 5.1 surround sound and Photo gallery. K-Scope. 2008.


  •        Revenant [DVD]
    • Open Car [DVD]
    • Blackest Eyes [DVD]
    • Lazarus [DVD]
    • Hatesong [DVD]
    • Don’t Hate Me [DVD]
    • Mother and Child Divided [DVD]
    • Buying New Soul [DVD]
    • So Called Friend [DVD]
    • Arriving Somewhere But Not Here [DVD]
    • Heartattack in a Layby [DVD]
    • The Start of Something Beautiful [DVD]
    • Halo [DVD]
    • The Sound of Muzak [DVD]
    • Even Less [DVD]
    • Trains [DVD]
    • Bonus Material [DVD]