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This 23 CD box set bears witness to Mehtas work in the recording studio for Decca between May 1965 (Bruckners Ninth Symphony with the Wiener Philharmoniker) and July 1980 (Tchaikovskys Capriccio italien with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra). The bulk of the recordings date from the 1970s, and the period of white-hot inspiration when Mehta achieved and consolidated his international reputation. There are textbook performances here: the orchestral conflicts found Mahlers Second Symphony, for example, or the visionary build-up of internal tension in the final movement of the same composers Third; the highly individual manner in which Mehta plumbs the depths of Beethovens Seventh, and the cycle of Schubert symphonies; the macabre echo of the Trauermarsch in Mahlers Fifth, and the rational and yet sensuous quality of Mehtas responsiveness to Strauss. 23 CD Cap-box Booklet with tracklists and a new note by Massimo Rolando Zegna in English and Italian Dimensions: Dimensions 13.5×12.5×8.5cm / Weight: 0.8kg CD 1 Beethoven Symphony no. 7 R. Strauss Also sprach Zarathustra Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 2 Berlioz Symphony Fantastique New York Philharmonic Orchestra CD 3 Bruckner Symphony no. 9 Wiener Philharmoniker CD 4 Tchaikovsky – Symphony no. 1 Winter Reveries Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 2 Little Russian Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 5 Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 3 Polish Tchaikovsky – Capriccio Italien Tchaikovsky Ouverture Solennelle Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 6 Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 4 Los Angeles Philharmonic Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Suite Tchaikovsky Slavonic March Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 7 Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 5 Los Angeles Philharmonic Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 8 Tchaikovsky Symphony no. 6 Pathétique Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 9 Dvorak Symphony no. 7 Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Liszt Les Preludes Wiener Philharmoniker CD 10 Dvorak Symphony no. 9 From the New World Dvorak Symphony no. 8 Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 11 Mahler Symphony no. 3 Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 12 Mahler Symphony no. 3 [continued] Mahler Symphony no. 1 Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 13 Berlioz Harold in Italy Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 14 Mahler Symphony no. 2 Resurrection Wiener Philharmoniker CD 15 Mahler Symphony no. 4 Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 16 Mahler Symphony no. 5 Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 17 Schubert Symphony no. 1 Schubert Symphony no. 3 Schubert Symphony no. 8 Unfinished Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 18 Schubert Symphony no. 2 Schubert Symphony no. 4 Tragic Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 19 Schubert Symphony no. 6 The Little Schubert Rosamunde Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 20 Schubert Symphony no. 5 Schubert Symphony no. 9 The Great Israel Philharmonic Orchestra CD 21 R. Strauss Alpensymphonie Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 22 R. Strauss Sinfonia Domestica Los Angeles Philharmonic CD 23 R. Strauss Ein Heldenleben Los Angeles Philharmonic