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Encore, is a live DVD, of the concert of Il Divo in the roman Theatre of Mérida, (Extremadura-Spain) on 7 October 2005, that contains a documentary with interviews to the artists and unpublished images of the quartet of crossover classical Il Divo. TRACK LISTING: 1. Si Tu Me Amas (In Mérida) Il Divo 4:03 2. Isabel (In Mérida) Il Divo 4:04 3. O Holy Night (In Mérida) Il Divo 3:55 4. Heroe (In Mérida) Il Divo 4:49 5. All By Myself (Solo Otra Vez) (In Mérida) Il Divo 4:38 6. Il Divo Revealed Il Divo 61:59 7. Regresa a Mi (Unbreak My Heart) (Video) Il Divo 4:45 8. Mama (Video) Il Divo 3:16.