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One of the all-time most classic audiophile records is Cat Stevens’ Tea for the Tillerman from 1970. There are so many things perfect about this release. First and foremost, it’s a masterpiece of a record. It’s that rare record that couples breathtaking sound with hit after hit after hit. In fact, to list the hits would be to list the entire song list.

The Absolute Original Analog Masters were used, and the tapes were in impeccable condition! The tapes were last used in December 1999 when Ted Jensen at Sterling, along with producer Paul Samwell-Smith, remastered the Cat Stevens catalog for CD.

1. Where Do the Children Play?
2. Hard Headed Woman
3. Wild World
4. Sad Lisa
5. Miles From Nowhere
6. But I Might Die Tonight
7. Longer Boats
8. Into White
9. On The Road To Find Out
10. Father And Son
11. Tea For The Tillerman