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Despite being encoded via the relatively old school MPEG-2 codec, Hiromi in Love looks quite exceptionally sharp and well detailed. It’s offered in full 1080p with a 1.99:1 aspect ratio (which displayed as standard 1.78:1 with my PS3 and Samsung widescreen). Hiromi herself appears in a variety of brightly colored costumes, with reds, blues and golds popping nicely off the screen. A couple of the videos feature silhouetted «players» (I doubt they really are playing, it’s far too dark for that) set against a nice blue backdrop, which offers both great, inky black levels and a beautifully rich cobalt color. Almost all of these videos are studio bound, and while production values are extremely high, there’s not a wealth of sets that this Blu-ray can exploit. The occasional outdoor footage all looks extremely natural, with a variegated palette offering an unusually colorful array to augment the music itself.