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In September 2015, over the course of four sold-out shows, AYREON’s legendary progressive rock concept album “The Human Equation” was brought to life as a full-blown musical production at the Nieuwe Luxor theater in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. While Arjen Lucassen (also known as the mastermind of Star One, The Gentle Storm etc) originally had severe doubts “The Human Equation” with its vast cast of guest musicians could be successfully presented in a live setting, this incredible event entirely devoted to performing AYREON live is the best proof of the contrary. AYREON’s global following will appreciate the fact almost all singers of the 2004 released album took part in these live shows incl. such renowned vocalists as James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Eric Clayton (Saviour Machine), Devon Graves (ex Psychotic Waltz), Anneke van Giersbergen (ex The Gathering, The Gentle Storm) and many more. In addition to that, you can expect a rock choir consisting of another 19 vocalists, nine backing musicians plus actors putting the story on stage. Even now, Arjen can hardly believe this aural and visual event really was recorded and filmed: “I am amazed and touched by how hard everyone worked and how much love and care they generously gave to make it all happen. Sometimes dreams do become reality!”

Day One: Vigil 1:44

2 Day Two: Isolation 8:13

3 Day Three: Pain 4:51

4 Day Four: Mystery 6:06

5 Day Five: Voices 6:53

6 Reprise Pain 1 0:35

7 Day Six: Childhood 5:10

8 Day Seven: Hope 2:22

9 Day Eight: School 4:28

10 Reprise Childhood 1:09

11 Day Nine: Playground 2:07

12 Day Ten: Memories 3:52

13 Reprise Pain 2 1:39

14 Day Eleven: Love 4:07

15 Day Twelve: Trauma 9:40

16 Day Thirteen: Sign 5:07

17 Day Fourteen: Pride 4:46

18 Reprise Vigil 1:09

19 Day Fifteen: Betrayal 5:10

20 Reprise School 1:24

21 Day Sixteen: Loser 4:15

22 Day Seventeen: Accident? 5:17

23 Reprise Pain 3 0:54

24 Day Eighteen: Realization 3:05

25 Reprise Trauma 2:15

26 Day Nineteen: Disclosure 3:50

27 Day Twenty: Confrontation 7:27

28 Dream Sequencer System Offline 1:16