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As with any name band that has a sizable catalog on numerous labels, Whitesnake are no exception to the rule that “best-of” compilations are (a) usually incomplete, and (b) often fraught with representational problems due to licensing nonsense and laziness by the compilers. This 2003 collection, fine as it is, and chock-full of excellent tracks, is still rather incomplete because it begins with the band’s tenure at Virgin, after three studio albums and a live set for Geffen — a label they remained on in the United States while they were with Virgin in the U.K. (Confused? That would be understandable.) The Geffen best-of and this one are both woefully incomplete as single discs. Far better is Gold, the double-disc 33-song selection issued by Universal (which owns Geffen) in the United States. It covers the label span and overlap completely and more — there are a few rarities tossed in. Given that Whitesnake were a real singles band — especially during the 1980s — the listener would seemingly want the one compilation that represents the band best. This isn’t it.


1 Fool For Your Loving
2 Don’t Break My Heart Again
3 Love Ain’t No Stranger
4 Is This Love
5 Now You’re Gone
6 Give Me All Your Love
7 Ready An’ Willing
8 Guilty Of Love
9 Would I Lie To You
10 Long Way From Home
11 The Deeper The Love
12 Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
13 Too Many Tears
14 Give Me More Time
15 Standing In The Shadow
16 Here I Go Again
17 Still Of The Night