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The Early Beatles (Presented In Mono and Stereo)

[Capitol Records: released March 22, 1965; peaked at No. 43]

Track Listing:

1.Love Me Do (mono mix)

2.Twist And Shout (mono mix)

3.Anna (Go To Him) (mono mix)

4.Chains (mono mix)

5.Boys (mono mix)

6.Ask Me Why (mono mix)

7.Please Please Me (mono mix)

8.P.S. I Love You (mono mix)

9.Baby It’s You (mono mix)

10.A Taste Of Honey (mono mix)

11.Do You Want To Know A Secret (mono mix)

12.Love Me Do (mono mix)

13.Twist And Shout (stereo mix)

14.Anna (Go To Him) (stereo mix)

15.Chains (stereo mix)

16.Boys (stereo mix)

17.Ask Me Why (stereo mix)

18.Please Please Me (stereo mix)

19.P.S. I Love You (mono mix)

20.Baby It’s You (stereo mix)

21.A Taste Of Honey (stereo mix)

22.Do You Want To Know A Secret (stereo mix)