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A No-Nonsense Book On Music & Audio!
Everything You Need To Know To Improve The Fidelity Of Your Music System!
Blu-Ray Disc Included!

Music and Audio: A User Guide To Better Sound has been called «The Gold Standard» of high-end audio books and «An Instant Classic» by readers and reviewers! This unique look at music and high-end audio was written by an experienced, award-winning audio engineer/producer and blogger who isn’t beholden to advertisers or manufacturers. Learn from an expert who has spent 40 years as an audio engineer, award-winning record producer, audiophile, writer, and musician — get accurate, unbiased information in easy to follow, non-technical presentation. The book has 880 pages and nearly 300 illustrations!

Author Mark Waldrep is a recognized name in the world of audio engineering and audiophile music labels. He writes his daily blog at (over 1000 articles) and has over 5000 dedicated followers because he knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re spending money in the wrong places. As Andrew Quint said in an article at The Absolute Sound, «Mark Waldrep knows what he’s doing».

Book includes:
• Music and Audio: The Basics
An introduction to audio and music: learn about volume/amplitude, frequency/pitch, and harmonic spectra/timbre.
• Signal Flow: Analog and Digital
Ever wondered what the difference is between TOSlink and S/P DIF? Make all the right connections.
• A Complete Hi-Fi Chain
Your system is only as good as its weakest link. How to identify and upgrade your rig without spending a lot of money.
• Music Production
Making a great recording is the first step in getting better sound. Learn what the pros are doing.
• Formats: Facts and Fiction
What fidelity is possible with Vinyl LP, Analog Tape, CD, DVD, SACD, Blu-ray, Files, MQA, and Streaming?
• New Trends: Downloads vs. Streaming
MQA, Tidal, Deezer, Sonos…where is audio headed? Let me share some insights.

The accompanying Blu-Ray Disc (also available as file downloads) contains a variety of great high-resolution demo tracks, a comprehensive set of test tones, and a section that allows instant comparison between resolutions, formats, mix types, and mastering levels. Think your system can deliver the fidelity necessary to hear the difference between CD quality and high-res? This disc will put it to the test.

Blu-Ray Includes:
• The Blu-Ray Disc
This unique disc will provide a personal guide through the world of hi-res music.
• Calibration Tones
Setup and calibration tones to help test and tweak your system.
Comparing Audio Formats
Ever wanted to compare a variety of encoding formats by simply a button? This disc has it.
• High-Definition Videos
Most of the demo tracks have high-definition video as well as high-resolution audio tracks. See the musicians playing.
• High-Resolution Music
Over a dozen REAL high-resolution audio tracks from the AIX Records collection.
• Stereo, 5.1 Stage or 5.1 Surround Mixes
Instantly switch between traditional stereo and two different 5.1 mixes.
• Unmastered vs. Mastered Tracks
Listen to several tracks before mastering and after heavy…and typical…compression is added.
• All Files Are Available As Downloads
If you don’t have a Blu-Ray player, you can simply download all of the files with the included coupon.

• 7.5″ x 9.25″ Book
• 880 Total Pages
• Nearly 300 Illustrations
• Softcover
• Written by Mark «Dr. AIX» Waldrep
• Blu-Ray Disc