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The PAISTE SYMPHONIC GONG is a remarkable gong. It’s complex overtones and musicality bring up tremendous delight and joy!

The Paiste Symphonic Gong does NOT include a mallet.

From PAISTE, on their process:

«We are the industry leader in discovering new mixtures and procedures, having introduced several alloys to Gong making, including one for which we received a patent. We use finished raw materials (round, flat disks) from several specialized foundries and rolling mills. We select these suppliers due to their specialized and superior technical abilities and large scale of operations.»

From PAISTE, on Symphonic Gongs:

«Symphonic Gongs (SG) are flat gongs with a harmonic and universal sound structure. The sound character of these gongs can be influenced and varied through the nature of the stroke, as well as the size, weight, and composition of the mallets. By varying the striking points, highs, lows, and various sound mixtures contained in the entirety of the gong’s sounds sphere may be extracted and played up… The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument’s complex overtones.»