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  • Premium multi-zone stereo speaker distribution controller to drive up to 5 pairs of speakers from one amplifier or two. Easily expand the speaker capacity for the existing receiver or amplifier to handle more pairs of speakers. Professional audio distribution controller for one or two amplifiers/receivers distributing music through multiple speaker pairs and headphone connected for further broadcasting and performance.
  • Individual A/B source selector switches for each zone. Users can easily assign either one of the two amp/receiver sources to be played through the specific speaker zone using the A/B switch buttons on the front panel. Independent volume controls for each speaker zone output and headphone output. Playing audio on any selected speaker pair at different volume levels as desired. Maximize the performance and power provided from the setup with protection provided for the amp and loud speakers used.
  • Advanced protection circuit built in to ensure safe load to the amplifiers/receivers connected. One headphone port for private listening or volume/signal monitoring purpose. Supports mixture of stereo speakers with impedance from 4 to 16 ohms. Master On/Off switch control for turning on or off all outputs instantly.
  • Highly efficient transformer-based design with automatic amplifier impedance protection. Separate left and right ground paths for compatibility with all amps. Extremely low power loss in each zone when all five controls are set to maximum volume. Built with gold-plated banana sockets for low loss hassle free speaker termination.
  • Accept up to 12 AWG speaker wire. Full compatibility with all types of amplifiers and loudspeakers. 100W power handling per channel with 8 ohms speaker load. Robust, deluxe steel metal housing and well-shielded.