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  • 6 foot High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet in black PVC jacket, gold-plated HDMI connectors
  • Cable drawn, extruded, shielded, cabled and jacketed in Kentucky and Indiana; connectorized in China
  • Certified High Speed (Category 2) to the longest length of any 28 AWG HDMI cable on the market
  • 28 AWG construction and flexible PVC jacket provide high flexibility for ease of installation and use; rated CM (higher than CL2) for in-wall installation
  • Supports all HDMI protocols, standards, features, bitrates and resolutions, without exception


Blue Jeans Cable Series-FE: Bonded Pairs for the best in High-Bitrate Performance:
With very few exceptions, HDMI cables are pretty much the same inside: four conventional twisted data pairs for video data and a few other conductors for low-speed data…and most HDMI cable, whatever the name printed on the jacket may be, is made in one of a handful of Chinese wire factories using simple, standard constructions.

Blue Jeans Cable is different. We have our bulk cable manufactured in the USA, not in China (only our connectorization is done in China), and we use patented Belden bonded-pair technology (in which the pairs are physically bonded, not merely twisted), normally seen only in the best high-grade data cabling, to give our HDMI cable the ultimate in impedance stability. This means better performance over distances where other HDMI cables can fail–and it shows in our HDMI ATC certifications. Series-FE 28 AWG HDMI Cable with Ethernet is certified for longer distances–15 feet at high speed and 25 at standard–than any other 28 AWG HDMI cable.

Support for Every HDMI Feature, Protocol, and Standard:

As a high-speed cable with Ethernet, the Series-FE is fully compliant with all HDMI versions, and will support any feature, protocol or standard on any HDMI compliant device, whether your gear was designed under HDMI 1.0, HDMI 2.0, or anything in between. This includes:

– Deep Color (10 bit, 12 bit, or 16 bit, or as they are sometimes referred to, 30 bit, 36 bit or 48 bit);

– xvYCC and other colorspaces;

– all sound formats including DTS-HD and TrueHD Dolby

-all resolutions including 4k x 2k, 3D, 1080p, etc.

-Audio Return Channel

-All framerates (e.g., 1080p/24, 1080p/60) (display refresh rates, such as 120Hz, 240Hz, 360Hz, etc., do not affect the signal in the cable; this cable, like all cables, is compatible with all refresh rates)