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50 watts per channel of high-power stereo output
Continuously Variable Loudness Control
40 AM/FM station presets
Built-in port for compatible Yamaha iPod docks (sold separately)
Auto Power Off

The Yamaha R-S300BL Stereo Home Theater Receiver offers affordable stereo enjoyment with advanced features, such as 50 watts per channel of pure, clean power, ToP-ART stability, Continuously Variable Loudness Control, 40 AM/FM station presets, preset remote control, and a built-in port for supported Yamaha iPod docks (sold separately).

From the Manufacturer
Yamaha R-S300 Stereo Home Theater Receiver: A New Dimension in Two-Channel Sound
Yamaha knows music like no one else, because only Yamaha does it all–from music creation through reproduction. Yamaha crafts the widest range of premium instruments, from pianos to woodwinds to drums, to give artists their voice. Yamaha creates innovative studio tools so producers can record and mix songs and soundtracks. And Yamaha fills stadiums and concert halls with beautifully amplified sound to raise audiences to their feet. That means that Yamaha uses its knowledge of all aspects of audio design to bring the music to life in your home with the best in home theater and audio.

The Yamaha R-S300
Traditional two-way design that provides the cleanest possible sound. View back panel
The Yamaha R-S300 Stereo Receiver is a premium example of this dedication to music, with a powerful 50 watts per channel in a traditional two-channel design. ToP-ART technology virtually eliminates all resonance, while the Pure Direct design provides the cleanest possible amplifier power for pure, clean sound. And built-in power management can automatically turn off your amp when needed. Despite a strong traditional amplifier design, the R-S300 is expandable with support your personal media players.

Premium Amplifier Design for Rich Two-Channel Performance
Yamaha Dual Heat Sinks
Dual aluminum-extruded heat sinks help achieve crisp, clean sound

Yamaha R-S Volume
Continuously Variable Loudness Control lets you enjoy detail at any level
Dual aluminum-extruded heat sinks ensure effective heat dissipation and help achieve crisp, clean sound. Silver-plated speaker terminals and RCA in/out jacks are durable and provide high quality connections. Pure Direct uses the shortest signal route for higher sound purity with low noise and transmission losses.

ToP-ART with ART Base chassis construction fully protects audio signals from noise and vibration. Digital ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) is the name Yamaha has given to a design philosophy whose goal is to maximize digital quality while minimizing analog circuitry. The culmination of Yamaha’s long experience in digital engineering and design, it brings together several key elements to create the best-sounding, A/V components available on the market.

Continuously Variable Loudness Control
Yamaha’s exclusive Continuously Variable Loudness Control enhances stereo listening at low volumes, so you can enjoy all the richness of your music at any volume level without sacrificing detail.

Traditional Amplifier Design Meets Next-Gen Connectivity
In addition to great video and sound quality, the R-S300 lets you bring music from multiple next-generation sources into your home. In addition to 40 AM/FM station presets, the built-in iPod dock port is equipped to use Yamaha’s optional YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver, giving you the flexibility to stream music from Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, portable devices and even your personal computer. The optional YDS-12 Universal iPod Dock or the wireless YID-W10 iPod Dock connects the R-S300 to all versions of Apple’s iPod, giving you the power to navigate and play music from your favorite Apple products.

ToP-ART Technology Yes
Output Power (RMS) 50 W x 2
iPod Compatibility via Yamaha Universal Dock 1 (for optional YDS-12, YID-W10 or YBA-10)
Pure Direct Switch Yes
THD [0.04%]
Linear Damping Factor (Speaker A) 150 or more
Continuously Variable Loudness Control Yes
REC Out Yes
Remote Controllable Master Volume Control Yes
Preset Tuning for Radio Stations 40-station
IR Ports 1 In / 1 Out
Product Dimension (W x H x D) / Weight (lbs.) 17-1/8″ x 6″ x 15-1/4″ / 19.4
Phono Input Yes